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Past Events

Emma Green (New Yorker) and Molly Worthen (UNC-Chapel Hill), “Trust Science? Political and Religious Polarization as a Public Health Problem”

Dorian Abbot (U Chicago), Luana Maroja (Williams), and Anna Krylov (USC), “Self-Censorship and the Politicization of the Sciences”

Karin Oberg (Harvard), Chris Clemens (UNC), and Devin Gouveau (Holy Cross), “Meaning and Purpose in the Universe”

Chris Arnade, Elizabeth Corey (Baylor), and Samar Ali (Vanderbilt), at UNC, “Bridging the Rural-Urban Divide,” co-sponsored with the Program for Public Discourse at UNC

Lucas Morel (Washington and Lee), “Lincoln, the Founding, and an America Worthy of Saving”

Toni Alimi (Cornell), “Slaves of God: Augustine and Other Romans on Domination”

Justin Giboney, Jillian Johnson, Michael Kazin (Georgetown), and Dan Vermeer (Duke), “The Future of Progressivism”

Chandran Kukatas (LSE), Emily Chamlee-Wright, Stephen Davies (Auckland), and Steve Horwitz (Ball State), “The Future of Liberalism”

Yuval Levin, Patrick Deneen (Notre Dame), Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo (Texas State), and Dan McCarthy, “The Future of Conservatism,” co-sponsored with the Program for Public Discourse at UNC

William Deresiewicz, “Change Your Mind First: College and the Urge to Save the World”

Alan Jacobs (Baylor), “Embrace the Pain: Living with the Repugnant Cultural Other”

Teresa Bejan (Oxford) and John Bowlin (Princeton Seminary), “Civility and Tolerance as Virtues in the University”

Patrick Deneen (Notre Dame), “America after Democracy”

Tyler VanderWeele (Harvard), “On the Promotion of Human Flourishing”

William Hurlbut (Stanford), “The Ethics of Gene Editing”

Paul Cartledge (Cambridge), “Ten Things You Really Ought to Know About Ancient Greece”

Melissa Lane (Princeton), “What is the Meaning of Political Office?”

Wilfred McClay (Oklahoma), “The Strange Persistence of Guilt”

Ciaran O’Connor and John Woods, Jr., “Love Your Enemies? Depolarization in the Age of Donald Trump”

Candace Vogler (Chicago), “Why Neo-Aristotelian Thomism Matters”

Jennifer Frey (South Carolina), “Aquinas and Happiness”

James Ceaser (Virginia), “James Madison: Founder of the Modern Idea of Founding”

Adrian Bejan (Duke), “Nature, Humans, and Purpose”

Margarita Mooney (Princeton Seminary), “Being Human in the Modern World”

Christy Wampole (Princeton), “Utopian Models of the University in History”

Lydia Dugdale (Yale) and John Yoon (Chicago), “What Does it Mean to be ‘Good’ Physician?”